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to raise the debt ceiling unless you give us something back which means you cut entitlements a little bit or you do this, that, and the other thing. what do you think is likely to happen there? >> well, that is really an unprecedented situation. you know, we have had the debt ceiling raised over 70 times in the last 50 years. congress has always dutifully done its job and raised the debt ceiling under divided congresses and divide government. democrats and congress raised the debt ceiling 12 times for president reagan upon his request. what's unprecedentside that we have never seen congress try to use the debt ceiling as a tool of negotiation. that violates. >> bill: we have a frightening amount of debt now. $16.5 trillion. and i gave you the stats up top about president obama's spending more than every other president combined. so that it's a different situation than it was under ronald reagan. now, i understand that the president can't order congress to raise the debt. he can't do that by any order. buff he can ignore it it he can -- don't worry about it keep paying stuff off. is that t
the bejabers out of everybo everybody. >> in 2011 they raised the debt ceiling and promised to cut $1.2 trillion. guess what? they punted on that one. now they are one sequestration in arrears. they owe us two and we're not getting any. that's not shooting ourselves in the foot. it's shooting our children in the head. >> i would argue that they did the -- i would argue they absolutely did not do the right thing. they probably should have let things lie and started over for something bill bigger and more structural. if you look at the last two years, you've got a tax hike and delayed sequestration of spending cuts. >> right. >> so what did you get? you got a tax hike? i'm not sure that's in the best interest of the economy. >> we'll wrap this up. i'll give you a chance to take back that somewhat uncolorful statement that you just made. >> we don't think you meant it in any literal way. >> i think -- not a time -- >> i think our economic policies are suicidal for the country in the long run. >> okay, all right. thanks, everybody. >> there's a way to make a point and another way to make
. will it be the postponement or the sequestration cuts? will be the debt ceiling which might come at the very same moment? >> as they stumble around, there is an evil force that nobody seems to want to understand but the money guys. that is the markets will get tired of all the fun and games and all the funny loose talks. neil: they haven't gotten tired of it yet. >> the real point is that that kind of stuff, it can happen in two years and two months or two days, and that is when the markets headed. inflation will go up, interest rates will go up, and we won't disappear. but we won't be number one. and then they will say, who did this? and they will look around and find a jerk in their district would not cut a nickel or raise the tax and they said, you led us to this and url. that's your only hope for democracy right now. neil: we are still waiting and hoping. he met cross your fingers. i know you will. >> okay, pal, take care. [laughter] neil: you are the best. alan simpson. we will leave it at that. coming up next, the health care law. workers are feeling jerked around. one worker is here to explain ne
that debate on the debt ceiling in the next month. you don't think we're going to see any spending cuts? >> we have been inculcated throughout our history that they will increase the debt ceiling without ever addressing the real problem which is, correct, 100%, maria, it is spending. >> unless the market forces the hand, too, because one thing our leaders do respond to is the stock market, whereas in the early '80s it was the bond vigilantes that ruled the root i think these guys get terrified when the stock market starts going down because they -- you know, from the way they calibrate things, you don't have bonds to do it so now you have the stock market. >> if you get money supply growing at 12% and bonds are in the biggest bubble in the history of mankind, the money is going to go into stocks. that's the path of least resistance. >> maria, what you have to watch very carefully, you have a dance going on and you brought this up that's a very good point. the fundamentals in a lot of ways don't support the equity market moving forward as strongly as it is right now. >> right. >> but in a way i
the immediate task of negotiating with republicans on raising the national debt ceiling, and agreeing on major spending cuts. some republicans have complained that lew has been unyielding in past negotiations. but the president said today: >> over the years he's built a reputation as a master of policy who can work with members of both parties and forge principled compromises. >> brown: the announcement came a day after labor secretary hilda solis announced she's stepping down after four years on the job. solis was the first hispanic woman to serve in a top cabinet position. and, she's the latest of several high-profile women to depart, including secretary of state hillary clinton and lisa jackson, administrator of the environmental protection agency. along with the president's earlier nominations-- for state, the pentagon and the c.i.a.-- that's raised questions about a loss of diversity in the cabinet. but yesterday, white house spokesman jay carney said the president's record on diversity should speak for itself. >> i mean, the increase in the representation of women in senior positions is
if the debt ceiling is raised without comparable spending cuts. the physical cliff was 41-1. i will not vote again in this country if it comes up to that. guest: do not give up on voting. is one thing -- that is one thing i beg you n
. you want to see the cliff? the debt ceiling. right? the debt ceiling -- liz: again? >> next month is starts. liz: what's that do -- >> the republicans are not going to give. they are going to say i gave you tax hikes. i want to see spending cuts. when obama says i'm not giving you spending cuts without more tax hikes, you will see the republicans cross their arms and say, i'm not playing. we're going off that cliff. liz: what is the trade if that is, indeed, the scenario? >> sell long term treasuries. they are a bad deal. i don't know if you saw these reports on the coin? have you seen that? think about it. imagine if the government printed a trillion dollars and stuck it in the treasury and said, oh, there's a trillion less. that's so irrational, or a country like ours crossing arms saying we are not going to pay. that's so irrational. that means one thing, long term interest rates up; right? bond prices down. you will see the ten year note go down and done, and interest rates in the u.s. in the long term continue to jump up. liz: in november, when you were here, the best thing g
ceiling debate to be died to spending cuts which we desperately needs. he obviously -- he wants a fight. what do you make of the strategy that he's employed. >> i think what's happened to him is he feels that by winning a second term, with a slight addition of democrats in the house and the senate he now is, you know, king of the the world to quote an oscar winner of bygone days. and you noticed in these lists, look at the list of the major appointees, starting with brennan and hagel and these are nobody of independent stature. it's not like the first term where he had a clinton, where he had a gates, where he had people who could be a team of rivals. this is a team of essential, you know, fact totems. he wants to rule and he wants to govern and he will not let anybody stand in his way and i think that's what he's saying and he will take on any fight in order to get his people. he's announcing he wants to govern alone. >> sean: will they get confirmed? >> all of them, yes. i think in the case of hagel, i say the odds he gets a yes vote are about 3-2, a slight advantage. >> sean: all rig
's taking place in america right now. and we're hearing about fiscal cliff and debt ceiling and money here and there and cuts and whatnot. it is about what the republicans want to take from the lower-income americans. that is the issue. and our next guest, bernie sanders, wants action. and so do the american people. i was struck by his essay in the huffington post that was titled "the soul of america." so well put. because folks, this is, as i said, an ideological battle. and the deck is basically stacked against you if you're in the middle class or below that. we're experiencing more income inequality now than we have during any time in a period of history since 1928. the top 1% owns 42% of the country's financial wealth. 1% of americans own 42% of the country's wealth. as for the bottom 80%, they own only 5% of the wealth. yet despite those kinds of statistics, the republicans and the big money donors who back them are aiming for more. we've heard all the rhetoric. we don't have enough revenue. well, wait a minute. we've got too much revenue going in. it's a spending problem. but we all
to extend the debt ceiling or we default on our debt, and it's cataclysm cataclysmic. i hope and i pray after the inauguration that people reach across the aisle. we're going to have to cut defense. we're going to have to increase the eligibility for entitlements and perhaps cut back on the automatic cost of living increases. we're going to have to do tough things, shared sacrifice and that's going to have to happen and legions of lobbyists surrounding washington in the next couple of weeks, ought to be the folks that ought to be put on the back burner and people, reasonable people on both sides of the aisle are going to have to resolve this. we have to quit spending as much money as we're spending, we all agree, democrats and republicans. the problem is we've got special interest people that don't want, it's not in my back yard. they don't want to have theirs-- >> the people who like this, apparently some blogger he, it was a comment on one blog how this idea got born, but now it's picking up steam in some circles and asking jay carney about it. he didn't endorse it, but it's interesti
reaching a deal on the "fiscaa cliff"... congress now faces talks over raising the nation's debt ceiling. is growing concern about what wiil happen... and what it could mean to marylann. repubbicans on capitol hill want maasive cuts to government programs in amount that uncle sam can borrow.but f that happens... ttousaans of federaa employees in maryland could be laid off... and there ould be huge cuts elsewheree (governor) "we are seeing solid signs of economic peccvery in maryland, but all pf that's in jeopardy if the republican members of congress are not able to act with the same sort of balanced approach marrland."the governor will nnm" unveil his budget for the 2214 fiscal year next week. 3 tailgating always sttrts early when yoo are following the purple friday caravan. but this time itts more justified then ver.... instead of aiting until &psunday, the rvenn are challenging the brrncos 4:30. joel d. smith is live in white marsh to see why the different when it comes to the ravens and payton manning. manning.peyton vs. raa lewis last time...
debates and votes you're talking have to do with fiscal issues taking place, whether it's debt ceiling, whether it's government spending and things like that. are you willing to see cuts in government spending? are you willing to see reforms in medicare and social security that deal with parts of this debt problem the country has? >> well, i'll tell you. i've always been an advocate for responsible spending. i think government needs to be delivering services for people in a cost effective way. and now we have not only an opportunity, but an obligation to do that. find ways to spend smarter. that's what i stood for in the state legislature, drill down into budgets, find ways to more effectively deliver for people. so that is absolutely what i'm committed to doing. you know, in my position, in addition to working on the task force on gun violence in the house, i'm also on transportation and infrastructure. and science. and those are two great persons to look for how we lay the foundation for economic growth, for jobs in our communities. and that is going to have to be key part of this ba
issue just like the debt ceiling. >> well, i think it can be and i think the reason they never brought up a budget is because the democrats would have had to defend openly in public debate an unsupportable, indefensible plan that their president was promoting and they would have to follow it or reject it. and of course, when lew's budget was brought before the senate and the house, if you remember, greta, it got zero votes. not a republican or democrat in the house or senate voted for the budget that mr. lew was the architect of. i don't think that speaks well for a man who would take on the great position of treasury secretary. >> greta: president obama said that he had facilitated deals. he says that he has worked with republicans and democrats and president reagan and speaker o'neill and bill clinton and republican congress on the issue of a budget deal. i'm curious whether you agree he has brought two sides together and if so, where has that been at least in the last go-round, at least the last 18 months? >> well, this last fiscal cliff deal, he's chief of staff at the white house.
on. democrats say are not done raising revenue they're demanding higher taxes with the debt ceiling. but the president says he will then negotiate so he will have to raise taxes unilaterally. he does a lot of that. who thought we would see president taking credit for making the bush tax cuts permanent? he is bragging now they're permanent. 98 percent of americans anyway. i love politics. >> america is tattoo obsession body art covering bodies and faces of celebrities and use. our psychologists will describe the east epidemic. >> a deadly outbreak of the flu declarers the state of emergency. the worst droid dna augmentation initiated. vision expanding to a 5-inch 1080p hd display and camera. touch acquiring nfc. hearing evolving with beats audio. wireless charging activated. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself. aah! learning how to kick flip 6 stairs takes determination. so will getting into college. i've got what it takes. so do you. a. lou: joining me now is the "a team" monica crowley, a great to have you with us. juan willi
taxes with the debt ceiling. but the president says he will then negotiate so he will have to raise taxes unilaterally. he does a lot of that. who thought we would see president taking credit for making the bush tax cuts permanent? he is bragging now they're permanent. 98 percent of americans anyway. i love politics. >> america is tattoo obsession body art covering bodies and faces of celebrities and use. our psychologists will describe the east epidemic. >> a deadly outbreak of the flu declarers the state of emergency. the worst outbreak in years. the nra goes to the white house for a meeting and comes out swinging. the "a team." next. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? alegalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like to find the right attorney to help guide you along, answer any questions and offer advice. with an "a" rating from the better business bureau legalzoom helps you get
the debt ceiling. which raises the possibility of a government shutdown. >> this fiscal uncertainty has become a very serious threat to our national security. >> we actually are growing, we've expanded. we've continued to go through these months. but if there's a shutdown, that would be an abrupt stop. >> steve charles cofounded contractor the group and he says there would be layoffs if the government isn't in a position to re-up contracts or award new ones in the next few months. other defense companies instituted hiring freezes while they wait to see what happens. >>> its is 5:35. time for another your money report now. >> and jessica doyle is back with a look at the local economic future. >> that's right. that's right. well remember when it was easy to find a job and you could sell your house with relative ease? the hard part was actually bidding on a new house. it hasn't been like in a really long time. we've gotten used to the new normal economy that's slowly mugging along and really don't expect the new normal to go away anytime soon. a new forecast is out from the centers for reg
the board cuts passed in august of 2011 in order to pass the last debt ceiling bill. and apparently people thought it was okay to turn that off going into this year, but unfortunately it's turned off for two months and we're right back about in the soup with another debt ceiling deal. how are we ever going to get out of this conundrum if we don't at some point start paying the money we promised to pay. >> you just said something. how are we going to get out of this conundrum. according to an op-ed by mr. stephen moore, the president doesn't believe there's a problem. do you believe that the material in that op-ed is correct? do you think in your opinion that the government believes the president specifically doesn't believe we have a spending problem? >> the president does need to wake up and assess his surroundings. we are fixing to have the inauguration in a week or so. the debt will stand at a little other 16 trillion. by the time the next permit is inaugurated, the national debt will be $22 trillion. who cannot say there's a serious problem with being awash in red ink, and it threatens
to presume that the debt ceiling will be raised and there will be some deal, the spending cuts will come out in the out years, i think that's kind of the way washington works. and if the fiscal drag isn't too bad, and can be offset by other areas of strength in the u.s. economy like housing, for instance, and tailwinds coming out of china the economy can still do okay. obviously without entitlement reform you've got nothing. and it's a shame that we never got that grand bargain, because that could have gotten corporations to invest more. you know, we talk to ceos all the time, and it's clear that corporate america went over the cliff in the third quarter and they basically stopped spending. and they're waiting for some sort of clarity to unleash their spending power again. for now they're just using it to buy back equities, to buy back shares and issue dividends. >> there's absolutely no question that we need to have more certainties so that people will invest more. hopefully we can get a grand bargain this year. i would respectfully suggest we don't want to use the word entitlements. becaus
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)

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